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Cadeirinha & Beyond with Chris Noonan [Streaming]


This groundbreaking Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructional set showcases Chris Noonan’s refined system of attacking from the Cadeirinha (Little Chair) position. Perfect for all levels—beginner to advanced—Cadeirinha & Beyond will have your opponents trapped in an endless maze of attacks that most have never seen!

  • No “fluff” in this set, only the highest percentage techniques!
  • Entries from Single Leg X, Shin to Shin, De La Riva, Reverse De La Riva, Butterfly Half, Arm Drag, Mount, and more!
  • Comprehensive system of attacks from Cadeirinha and The Jack, and a detailed application of The Modified Waiter Sweep.
  • World-Class, detail-oriented BJJ Instruction

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Photo of BJJ Black Belt Chris Noonan Demonstrating Cadeirinha

Cadeirinha techniques for all levels of BJJ

Chris Noonan’s systematic and comprehensive approach to Cadeirinha will absolutely transform your open guard game! Keep your opponents guessing with this innovative guard system!

Text: Cadeirinha

Open Guard Reformed

Although Cadeirinha (or “Little Chair”) is a common position in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and never before has it been refined to this extent. Chris Noonan breaks down what makes an effective Cadeirinha, shares creative strategies for achieving and maintaining the position, and explores numerous attacks, counters, and sweeps from Cadeirinha. Whether you are a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competitor or hobbyist, advanced or beginner student, Chris Noonan’s understanding of the Little Chair position will help you master this version of open guard, because it is not commonly understood.

If you’re looking for a different approach to open guard, or for new ways to keep your opponents guessing with innovative attacks, sweeps, and positioning, the Cadeirinha is perfect for you!

Photo of BJJ Black Belt Chris Noonan demonstrating Cadeirinha
Chris Noonan demonstrating Modified Waiter Sweep in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

You will Learn:

  • Detailed breakdowns of the Cadeirinha, The Jack, and the Modified Waiter Position
  • Using these innovative positions to disrupt your opponent’s guard passing game, and set up effective sweeps to achieve dominant position
  • Creative leg lock setups including the straight ankle lock, kneebar, and toe hold
  • Countering common defenses and reactions to Cadeirinha, The Jack, and Modified Waiter Position

Chris Noonan

Chris Noonan is a lifelong martial artist, earning his black belt in United States Black Cat Kenpo Karate at a young age, and then moving on to earning a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Noonan is a veteran of Pro events such as Fight2Win, and Men of War Pro, and has numerous IBJJF medals from competitions all around the United States. In 2019 FloGrappling ranked Chris #4 in the world for the -56kg NoGi. Chris Noonan is renowned for his detailed instruction style and his desire to bring out the best in people around him.

Learn more about Chris Noonan here.


For Cadeirinha & Beyond, Professor Noonan has spent countless hours drilling and putting his techniques into practice, to fine-tune this system and make sure that every technique is real-world applicable. The beauty of it is: although this is a common position in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, very few people have really delved deep down and mastered the Cadeirinha and its variations, until now!

That is exactly what this course is all about; taking a single position and finding all of the tiny nuances and options for every step your opponent takes. This comprehensive instructional set is broken into 3 major positions: The Cadeirinha, The Modified Waiter, and The Jack. Each section will give you a step-by-step breakdown of the how, when and why to use each technique. So you can be sure that these techniques will work seamlessly with your game!

Chapter List

Part 1 - Entrances

  1. Introduction
  2. Single Leg X to Cadeirinha
  3. Shin to Shin to Cadeirinha
  4. De La Riva to Cadeirinha
  5. Countering Headquarters to Cadeirinha
  6. Underhook De La Riva to Modified Waiter
  7. Reverse De La Riva to Cadeirinha or The Jack
  8. Butterfly Half to Cadeirinha
  9. Arm Drag to Waiter
  10. Mount to Cadeirinha
  11. Lower Case X to Waiter
  12. Cadeirinha Connections

Part 2 - Cadeirinha Techniques

  1. Basic Sweep to Single Under
  2. Basic Sweep to Single Under Foot Trap Pass
  3. Basic Sweep to Crab Ride to Leg Drag
  4. Basic Sweep to Crab to Back Control
  5. Basic Sweep to Seated X to Leg Drag
  6. Basic Sweep to Seated X to Knee Bar
  7. Bear Trap Calf Slicer
  8. Bear Trap Toe Hold
  9. Bear Trap to the Truck (Back Take)
  10. Cadeirinha to Single X to Straight Footlock

Part 3 - The Jack Techniques

  1. Back Roll to The Truck
  2. Ankle Pick when Opponent Extends Leg
  3. Proud Mary
  4. Leg Drag when Opponent Hides Leg
  5. Jack The Dragon
  6. Technical Stand Up Sweep
  7. Knee Bar
  8. Toe Hold

Part 4 - Modified Waiter Techniques

  1. Waiter Sweep to Top Half Over Under
  2. Waiter Sweep to Kneebar
  3. Waiter Sweep to Crab to Leg Drag
  4. Waiter Sweep to Crab to the Back
  5. Waiter to the Back
  6. Waiter to Footlock

Part 5 - Troubleshooting

  1. Countering the Kimura Trap
  2. Countering the Head and Arm Control
  3. Credits

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