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The Hingertine with Josh Hinger [Streaming]


In this set, Atos Black Belt Josh Hinger will teach you the Hingertine methods he has used to make him one of the top Middleweights in the World.

  • Learn the details of Josh Hinger’s signature Arm-In Guillotine.
  • Entries from Guard, Half-Guard, Turtle, Standing, Side Control, and more!
  • Address common defenses and Guillotine escapes to make the Hingertine a high percentage submission!

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Hingertine for Control and Finish

Combining High-Percentage Guillotine Concepts

Josh Hinger’s Hingertine is an “against the grain” arm-in version of the Guillotine Choke, proven to be effective at the highest levels of competition! When applied correctly, the Hingertine produces a devastating amount of pressure while limiting your opponent’s options for defense and escape.

Josh shares his strategies and techniques for catching and finishing this submission from virtually every position—and how to use the threat of the Guillotine to advance position to develop a well rounded system of attacks.

Photo of Josh Hinger Atos BJJ Black Belt

Josh Hinger

After being with team a short time, Josh became one of the instructors at the World famous ATOS Headquarters. Josh trains day in and day out with some of the best Black Belts in the World and has been able to share and perfect his “Hingertine” on those mats.

Josh used this system of Hingertine attacks to claim titles such as:

  • IBJJF Masters World Champion (2020) DOUBLE GOLD Weight and Absolute
  • IBJJF No-Gi World Champion (2017) Middleweight
  • IBJJF No-Gi World Champion (2018) Middle-Heavyweight
  • IBJJF NO-Gi WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS (2016) Middle-Heavyweight
  • Chicago Spring Open Champion (2016) – QUADRUPLE GOLD! Weight and the Absolute in BOTH Gi and No-Gi
  • Chicago Summer Open Champion (2016)
  • Chicago Summer No-Gi Open Champion (2016 weight + absolute)
  • EBI Runner-up (2015)- Lost to Garry Tonon in overtime of the final
  • American No-Gi Nationals Champion (2015) in his Weight and the Absolute
  • Seattle Open Champion (2015)
  • Gracie Worlds Champion (2015)

You Will Learn:

  • How to catch and finish Josh Hinger’s signature version of the Arm-In Guillotine, the “Hingertine”.
  • Details for effective pressure and positioning.
  • Over 30 Entries from many different positions, including Guard, Butterfly Guard, Half Guard, Standing, and more!
  • How to address and counter common defenses and escape attempts.
Josh Hinger Hingertine Cover

Get started today! Josh Hinger’s “Hingertine” Instructional teaches a world class system of Guillotine attacks that your opponents won’t soon forget!

In this instructional, ATOS Black Belt Josh Hinger will teach you his "against the grain" version of the Guillotine (sometimes called the Arm-In Guillotine). This technique is highly effective in all levels of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Submission Grappling competition. You will learn the details of the Hingertine, entries into the submission from just about anywhere, including common reactions to your opponent's defenses.

Chapter List

Part 1 - Attacking From Bottom

  1. Introduction
  2. Hingertine Fundamentals 1
  3. Hingertine Fundamentals 2
  4. Low Single-Origin Story
  5. Double Leg Defense
  6. Single Leg Defense 1
  7. Single Leg Defense 2
  8. Closed Guard
  9. DLR Guard
  10. Sit up Guard 1
  11. Sit up Guard 2
  12. Butterfly Guard 1
  13. Butterfly Guard 2
  14. Butterfly Guard 3
  15. Butterfly Guard 4
  16. Butterfly Guard 5 - Anaconda
  17. Over Under Pass Defense

Part 2 - Attacking From Top

  1. Guard Pass 1
  2. Guard Pass 2
  3. Guard Pass 3
  4. Half-Guard Pass 1
  5. Half-Guard Pass 2
  6. Half-Guard Pass 3
  7. Half-Guard Pass 4
  8. Mount 1
  9. Mount 2
  10. Side Control 1
  11. Side Control 2
  12. Turtle 1
  13. Outro
  14. BONUS - Turtle 2
  15. BONUS - Attack from Rear Mount
  16. BONUS - Standing Guillotine
  17. BONUS - Guillotine drill

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