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Leg Drag Workshop with Tim Sledd [Streaming]


Discover one of the newest positions in the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioners toolbox, with this Leg Drag Workshop.

  • Entries, retention principals, grip sequences, and guard passes from Leg Drag Position.
  • Complete guard passing and control system.
  • World Class, detail oriented instruction from Andre Galvao’s 2nd American Black Belt, Tim Sledd of team Atos.

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The Leg Drag System

Few competitors understand this position as well as the Members of Team Atos.

The Leg-Drag Workshop teaches the Leg-Drag as a comprehensive guard passing system, as well as an effective control position. Leg-Drag can be used as an intermediary position between Guard and Side Control, and can be used to transition and set up submissions.

Photo of Black Belt Tim Sledd of Small Axe Jiu-Jitsu

Tim Sledd

Professor Sledd is the Head Instructor and Owner of “Small Axe BJJ” and has the distinct honor of being Andre Galvao’s 1st Affiliate Academy and 2nd American Black Belt. He has logged many hours with the World Champions of Team Atos, drilling and refining the Leg-Drag position.

You Will Learn:

  • Specific details on how to implement a successful Leg-Drag transition and stabilize the position.
  • Use Leg-Drag to set up submissions, and pass the guard to advance position.
  • How to address common reactions to Leg-Drag.

Tim Sledd's Leg-Drag Workshop is a complete system of BJJ Guard Passing, Transitions, and Top Control.

This Instructional Set features footage from workshops at Indiana University, Ground Zero BJJ and has several Bonus Techniques that were not shown during the Workshops.

Chapter List

Part 1

  1. Intro to Positions
  2. Concepts
  3. Cross Side to Leg Drag
  4. Closed Guard Pass
  5. Half-Guard
  6. Butterfly Guard Pass
  7. Skip Knee to Mount
  8. Passing Spider Guard
  9. Closing

Part 2

  1. Basic Leg Drag Position
  2. Mendes Position
  3. Reverse Position
  4. Attack from Side Control
  5. Back Take
  6. Closed Guard Pass
  7. Half Guard Pass
  8. Butterfly Guard Pass
  9. Skip Knee to Mount
  10. Spider Guard Pass
  11. Questions
  12. Drills
  13. Closing

Part 3

  1. Bonus 1 - Basic Takedown
  2. Bonus 2 - Mount to Leg Drag
  3. Bonus 3 - Leg Drag from Rear Mount
  4. Bonus 4 - De La Riva Sweep 1
  5. Bonus 5 - De La Riva Sweep 2 - Berimbolo 1
  6. Bonus 6 - De La Riva Sweep 3 - Berimbolo 2
  7. Bonus 7 - Outro

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