Text: Kristian Woodmansee's 50-50 Guard

50/50 Guard with Kristian Woodmansee [Streaming]


In this Instructional set, Kristian shows his incredible system of attacking the 50/50 Guard. You will learn the exact techniques that Kristian uses in High Level competition.

  • Improve your understanding and abilities of the 50/50 Guard.
  • Nearly endless attacks, sweeps, and submissions from 50/50 Guard.
  • World class detail-oriented instruction from renowned Atos BJJ Black Belt.

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Advanced 50/50 Guard

In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, the term 50/50 refers to the legs being in the same position from both grapplers. Although it sounds like a disadvantageous position (or at least an even one), it is one of the fastest developing positions in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. When the position is equal, the person with more knowledge has the advantage.

In study of Black Belt matches at the 2017 IBJJF World Championships, nearly 35% (65/186) of all sweeps were from 50/50! No other style of Guard even came close to the total number of scoring sweeps.

Photo: Atos Black Belt Kristian Woodmansee
Text: Kristian Woodmansee

If you are familiar with ATOS Black Belt Kristian Woodmansee’s Jiu-Jitsu, you know that he is a technical wizard with a talent for articulating his techniques, and a passion for sharing his knowledge. His previous two courses AP De la Riva Guard and AP Reverse De la Riva Guard have received outstanding reviews from all over the world. Here, Kristian has put that same energy into this 50/50 Course.

Some of Kristian’s competition titles:

  • World No-Gi Champion
  • European No-Gi Open Champion
  • Pan American No-Gi Champion
  • Rome International Open Champion
  • Las Vegas International Open Champion

You Will Learn:

  • 50/50 Guard positional fundamentals and conceptual details.
  • Entries to 50/50 Guard from Rear Body Lock, Knee Bar, Waiter Sweep, Reverse De La Riva, Double Guard Pull, and more!
  • Sweeps and submissions: Footlocks, Straight Ankle Locks, Toe Holds, Knee Bars, Calf Slicer, and more!
  • Defense and counters to common 50/50 Guard attacks and sweeps.
Text: Kristian Woodmansee's 50-50 Guard

BEFORE this Instructional, you call it 50/50 Guard. AFTER, it will feel more like 90/10 Guard!

Here Kristian Woodmansee will show you everything from basic entries to advanced sweeps and submissions. Understanding even a small fraction of the contents of this course will greatly improve your understanding and abilities of the 50/50 Guard.

Kristian shares a detailed breakdown of his advanced understanding of the position. He carefully navigates the instruction through the course to give the student all the details for effective application, in a well organized sequence for maximum retention.

Chapter List

Part 1

  1. Intro
  2. 50 50 Entries
  3. Entry from Rear Body Lock
  4. Entry from Kneebar
  5. Waiter Sweep Entry
  6. Entry From Reverse DLR
  7. Entry From DLR Lasso
  8. Leg Drag from Double Guard Pull
  9. Submissions
  10. Footlock 1
  11. Footlock 2
  12. Footlock 3 Lins Lock
  13. Kneebar
  14. Footlock 4 Outside
  15. Toehold Far Leg
  16. Toehold 2 Far Leg
  17. Kneebar 2

Part 2

  1. Estima Lock
  2. Calf Slicer
  3. DLR Footlock from Calf-Slicer
  4. Standing Opponent
  5. Bottom Position Concept 1
  6. Bottom Position Lasso Sweep
  7. Bottom Position Backtake
  8. Sweep Far leg pull
  9. Fighting for Top
  10. Outside Concept
  11. Farside Leg Drag
  12. BackTake from Legdrag defense
  13. Top position Toe Hold
  14. Pass off of Toe Hold
  15. Drills
  16. 3 Footlock Drill
  17. Leg Pummeling Drill
  18. Calf Slicer to 50 50 Drill
  19. Outro

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