Loop Choke Obsession with James Clingerman [Streaming]


This instructional is the most complete work on the Loop Choke ever Recorded! In this course, James Clingerman will show you why he is obsessed with the powerful Loop Choke. He goes over the key details to the choke and covers many variations to tap your opponents.

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So many options…

There are so many variations in this instructional, you might become obsessed with the Loop Choke too. Loop Choke Obsession starts with attacks from guard and works its way through multiple attacks from Turtle position, Knee on Stomach, Rear Mount, and more!

James even shows his favorite creation, the Wild West Choke!

Do yourself a favor and don’t miss a single second!

Photo of Black Belt James Clingerman with IBJJF medals

James Clingerman

James Clingerman is a 3rd Degree Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt, and has been actively teaching Jiu-Jitsu since 2000. Even after 20 years of teaching, James spends all of his time immersed in Jiu-Jitsu. He owns and operates two different academies in the Indianapolis area (IBJJA and Endurance BJJ), and teaches daily at both. James is world-renowned for his detailed instruction on videos such as Mastering The Von Flue Choke, The Peruvian Dozen, High Collar Passing, and The BJJ Modified Overhook.

BJJ Fanatics dubbed James as “One of the most respected Jiu-Jitsu Instructors in America”.

While James’s primary focus is on developing his students, he still manages to compete on occasion bringing home multiple titles including:

  • IBJJF Chicago Open Champion
  • Hawaii Triple Crown Superfight Champion
  • Kosen Fighter Black Belt Superfight Champion

You Will Learn:

  • Detailed instructions for setting up and finishing the Loop Choke.
  • Proper Grips, Positioning, Angles, and Defense
  • Numerous Loop Choke variations, setups, and chained attacks from several different positions.

Clingerman shows how to best set your grip, no matter what angle you are attacking from. He will explain how to use the Loop Choke to prevent getting your guard passed, and how to respond if the opponent does get past your legs (James learned this the hard way).

Chapter List

Part 1

  1. Intro to Loop Choke Obsession
  2. Basic Loop Choke From Guard
  3. Basic Loop Choke to Cross Choke
  4. High Elbow
  5. Roll under Traditional Loop Choke
  6. Roll under Traditional Loop Choke leg grab
  7. Cow Catcher
  8. Cement Mixer
  9. Chin Whip
  10. Body Under Head - Crucifix Style
  11. Bridge from Pass
  12. Counter to Bridge Defense
  13. Wild West Choke
  14. Turtle intro
  15. Back Step Leg Grab

Part 2

  1. Wild West Finish 1
  2. Wild West Finish 2 To The Back
  3. Loop Choke From The Side
  4. Front Single Wing Version
  5. Peruvian Necktie
  6. Loop Choke from Rear Mount
  7. Loop Choke From Knee on Stomach
  8. Loop Choke vs. Loop Choke
  9. Loop Choke Guard Pass
  10. Standing Loop Choke 1
  11. Standing Same Side Leg Backstep
  12. Standing Ankle Pick
  13. Fireman's Carry
  14. Loop Choke Outro

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